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Sunday, February 12, 2006

VeriSign Announces New Service To Protect Against Online Identity Theft

"VeriSign, Inc., (NASDAQ: VRSN), the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services for Internet and telecommunications networks, today announced the VeriSign Fraud Detection Service, a new solution that forms part of VeriSign's overall layered authentication solution targeted at preventing online identity theft."

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Identity theft on the rise

"Taylor continued, 'People have got to be mindful of things. For example, I was in a restaurant the other day and wanted to pay for the meal with a credit card. The cashier told me that the system was down and that she would just take all my information, write it down, and they would input that later when the system was back up. Of course, I declined to do that and paid with an alternate method but I saw the list and I bet she had, on just a plain sheet of paper, a list of 10 credit card numbers with all the pertinent information of other customers.

'Could you imagine the magnitude of what could have happened if that list were to get in a thief's hands?'"

Nigerian national sentenced in ChoicePoint ID theft case

"A Nigerian national who pleaded guilty to identity theft charges related to information stolen from consumer data collector ChoicePoint Inc. was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison and ordered to pay $6.5 million in restitution."

Misplaced mail can lead to identity theft

"Identity theft isn?t the only problem that can be caused by misplaced mail.

'You can have bank frauds, you can have embezzlements, checking account fraud. There is so much damage that can be done,' postal inspector Justin Crooks said Friday."

Friday, February 10, 2006

Dozens Struck By Identity Theft

"So far, customers of four local banks have been hit. That includes Aggieland Credit Union, Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union, First National Bank of Bryan, and Wells Fargo Bank. "

Driver's License Recognition Software Rejects 'Identity Theft'

"Of course, the point is not to make you miserable or waste your time; it's to stop the rampant problem of identity theft or maybe even a terrorist trying to get a fake I.D. 'Y'know the way they used to have it, the old driver's licenses, anybody could walk in here with a birth certificate and your social security card and get their picture made on your license.' "

TN: Tax Preparation Employees Arrested for Identity Theft

"Dyersburg police arrested two employees from a Dyersburg tax preparation service and charged them with identity theft. "

Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly became a victim of identity theft

"Denver-based Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly became a victim of identity theft when a birthday check to his niece was stolen out of her car. "

Hartford woman facing charges of identity theft in several cities

"Plainville police charged a Hartford woman with identity theft, forgery and numerous counts of larceny alleging she used several false identities to open fraudulent checking accounts and cash bad checks. "

Investigation Into Alleged Identity Theft Operation Leads to Felony Charges

"A Miami, Fla., man who allegedly stole the identities of Missourians online to purchase and receive thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and gift cards has been charged with two criminal counts of identity theft filed in Missouri."

Flood victim now fighting identity theft

"Cochrane said someone used his name to get credit cards from department stores and jewelry stores and has been running up bills out of state.
Cochrane's home was washed away in the flood. He figures someone downstream found his identification information in flood debris. "

Don't be Afraid to Tell; Filing an Identity Theft Police Report Can Save You Money

"More than 60 percent of the people who reported being victimized by identity theft last year did not notify their local law enforcement agency. One reason for this surprising statistic, recently released in a Federal Trade Commission report on 2005 identity theft complaints, is because many states have not enacted laws that require law enforcement agencies to take a police report and investigate the crime. "

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Free DVDs offer education on avoiding scams

"Want to watch a movie with your whole family? You may want to defer viewing Academy Award nominees in favor of free DVDs from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service that can keep you from falling prey to a variety of scams."

Ex-welfare official still in jail

"Prosecutors say she persuaded 23 welfare recipients to give her their welfare debit cards and personal identification numbers, which she used to withdraw more than $100,000 from several bank accounts into which she allegedly funneled money."

Fake e-mail targets Comerica customers

"If you have received any of these fraudulent e-mails, Comerica urges you to forward them to Comerica's security operation that monitors such things at Once you have forwarded them, you should delete them.
Bank customers who have responded to a fraudulent e-mail should contact Comerica identity theft resources at 877-881-8955, 8-8 weekdays."

Bad classified ad possible ploy

"Sandy Hartsell thinks she dodged an identity thief's ploy on Monday.

That's when the Walkerton woman dialed a number for a job listed in the Classified section of The Tribune."

ID Analytics Analysis of 70 Data Breaches in 2005 Shows the Largest Volume Occurred in Education Sector

"'This high proportion of identity-level breaches suggests that criminals know exactly what they are targeting since identity-level information is most profitable for committing identity theft,' said Mike Cook, ID Analytics' co-founder and vice president of product."

Fraud alert: Alabama residents robbed of millions in 2005

"As far as Identity Theft complaints, Alabama officially noted almost 3,000 victims with 148 reporting in Mobile. The most common type of ID theft in the state reported was credit card fraud, followed by phone or utilities fraud. ID theft complaints rose in 2005 from the year before. "

McGrath proposes identity theft legislation

"HELENA Attorney General Mike McGrath and consumer groups today proposed legislation that would allow Montanans to freeze access to their personal credit reports, to block criminals from stealing their identity."

Federal Investigators May Take Over Identity Theft Case

"Moldoveanu (shown above on left) was arrested late last month along with 32-year-old Claudio Hotea (shown above on right) of Riverside. The two are suspected in a widespread identity theft ring that may affect hundreds of victims in the Central Valley. Because the case encompasses a number of Northern California counties and involves possible violation of federal law, federal investigators may take it over."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Effects of Domain Hijacking Can Linger

"The persistent attack could lead to information or identity theft, according to Amit Klein, a Web application security researcher with the Web Application Security Consortium. "

Video: Who's Doing Your Taxes? Protect Your Personal Information

"A criminal background check on anyone through the state police is only ten dollars and the form can be found on-line. It takes about two weeks. H and R Block would not do an interview with us about identity security but the home office says it too, only requires employees to sign a confidentiality agreement. The company says it 'has in place employment agreements and a code of business ethics and conduct protecting data and preserving the confidentiality of client information.' "

The Not So Welcome Letter

"Blue Cross Exposes Social Security Numbers In A Mass Mailing

If you are one of the 628, that received the welcome letters, Blue Cross recommends getting a free credit report, to check for identity theft. They say as a result of this mistake, they are launching an internal security investigation and will work on keeping their customers safe."

Florida State investigating whether files sent offshore

"A state agency head assured a Senate committee today that there is no evidence of identity theft in the People First system, but his internal investigators are working with Convergys on allegations that a subcontractor sent millions of documents to Barbados and India."

How to Protect Your Identity While Job Searching Online

"Identity Thieves Targeting Job Seekers Who Post Resumes on the Web

Posting a resume online is the 21st century way of pounding the pavement in search of a job., the nation's largest online job site, has more than 50 million resumes in its database and gets 50,000 new ones everyday. Privacy experts say that makes it a magnet for identity thieves and con artists. "

The trouble with RealID is RFID

"RFID chips have the memory to store every detail about a person, including health records, family history and bank and credit card transactions. RFID chips can also be remotely accessed by a hand-held scanner, raising the risk of identity theft."

Washington State offers help to identity theft victims

"Consumers statewide may now call the Identity Theft Hot line by dialing (866) 999-5630."

Fearmonger sessions: Identity theft

"You don't need the data on identify theft; you know it's an epidemic. Here at Demo '06, there are two companies trying to combat it directly. "

Be aware, be alert

"Thanks to growing awareness of identity theft, more and more states are coming forward to take steps against the menace. During the current National Consumer Safety week as many as three states have announced some new service or move against identity theft. This is certainly a good sign because so far both consumers as well governments have tended to be rather lackadaisical about identity theft."

County accelerates efforts to combat fraud

"In addition to targeting a reduction of identity theft, the Bucks County Consumer Protection Department has been successful in identifying businesses that prey on vulnerable homeowners. "

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Proposes Bold Steps to Protect Pennsylvanians

"As identity theft becomes increasingly prevalent, this budget also includes $8.8 million for the first year of a seven-year federal program to create uniform driver's license and personal identification standards. This new program will help prevent identity theft and will strengthen the screening process for driver's license applicants."

Ugandan Woman Pleads Guilty to Identity Fraud and Bank Fraud, Reports U.S. Attorney

"United States Attorney Michael J. Sullivan and Peter Zegarac, Inspector in Charge of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in Boston, announced today that BILLY NSUBUGA, age 32, a citizen of Uganda, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Edward F. Harrington to 6 counts of Bank Fraud, 5 counts of Mail Fraud, 5 counts of Identity Theft and 1 count of Identity Document Fraud."

Netizens: Protect Your Privacy; Providing a Personal Phone Number Online Makes the Online Criminal's Job Easy

"'Consumers of all ages should take extra measures to protect the privacy of their cell and home phone numbers,' said Siciliano, an expert who presents identity theft workshops nationwide to Fortune 500 companies. 'Predators can use a phone number to track someone down. Thieves can use it to locate additional information necessary to steal a person's identity.'"

National Consumer Protection Week emphasizes privacy strategies

"Something as routine as raising the red flag on a rural mailbox raises a red flag of alarm for officials helping people protect themselves from identity theft, one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. "

Insurance Ranks Third on Fla. Attorney General's List of Common Scams

"Insurance scams, especially hurricane-related complaints, ranked third in a list of top categories of fraud complaints received by Attorney General Charlie Crist's office in 2005. The top categories on the list, released to kick off the Feb. 5 to 11 National Consumer Protection Week, were complaints about builders and contractors, which also included identity theft and internet-related complaints."

Maid cleaned, dusted -- and stole

"Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz, 35, a native of Poland, tearfully pleaded guilty to grand larceny, identity theft and forgery. Under the terms of a plea deal she will be sentenced on February 21 to one to three years in prison."

Liberty Alliance identity work due by September

"Financial companies hope to assuage consumer concerns over identity theft despite vague federal guidelines

With new U.S. federal guidelines looming, the Liberty Alliance says that it is months away from explaining the role it will play in developing stronger online authentication specifications. The identity standards consortium now says that the first public documents from its recently formed Strong Authentication Expert Group are expected by the end of September. "

Bill would force Web sites to delete personal info

"[Rep. Ed] Markey said the measure would help stop identity theft. 'This warehoused personal information about consumers' Internet use should not be needlessly stored to await compromise by data thieves or fraudsters, or disclosure through judicial fishing expeditions,' the Massachusetts Democrat said in a statement. "

AG Announces New Consumer Protection Web Site

"Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Wednesday asked consumers to join in the fight against fraud. Abbott announced a new Web site for consumer information during Consumer Protection Week."

Identity Theft: A Big Problem in The Natural State

"The quickest way to get your identity ripped off is by someone getting your social security number. In Arkansas, 550,000 drivers still have their social security numbers on their driver's license. In 2003, Arkansas stopped letting people use their social security numbers on their licenses, but not everybody has made the change. You can always go to the revenue office and get a new license made at anytime."

ID theft, the sequel

"Warner Bros Pictures on February 10 will release 'Firewall', the latest film to focus on an issue that over the past year has come front and centre in the public's consciousness - identity theft. Playing on everyone's fear of having a credit card number stolen, Firewall takes it to the extreme, pitting good corporate citizen Jack Stanfield (Ford) against a technology-laden thief with a British accent, and forcing Stanfield to take near superhero measures to save his security executive job as well as his family, who are taken hostage. "

ID theft suspect arrested here Police call woman a ‘top 10 problematic criminal’

"A Harlingen woman serving probation for forgery and suspected of several identity theft crimes across the Rio Grande Valley was arrested here Friday."

FTC, BBB continue campaign against identity theft

"Halfway through National Consumer Protection Week, federal and state business groups are desperately trying to get the word out that identity theft remains the leading consumer fraud complaint in the country. "

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

PA Identity Theft Meetings

"'Unfortunately, a lot of identity theft occurs because it is dishonest bank employees, dishonest employees health care providers that input your data, dishonest store clerks -- things like that, so you just really need to be careful about whenever you use your credit card. You just need to be careful,' said Bill Cobb, a U.S. postal inspector. 'The onus is on you to please be alert, try to avoid, be aware, and that's why we have presentations like this, too.'"

There's a 1-in-4 Chance You'll Be a Victim of Identity Theft

"TOLEDO -- Think you're safe from identity theft? Recent studies show you better think again. Your family has a 1-in-4 chance of being targeted. Every day, some 20,000 Americans experience identity theft. That means the odds are closing in on all of us, making it a matter of when, not if, we'll be dealing with this problem. "

Guardium Protects Corporate Databases Against Identity Theft

"Network Appliance Prevents Unauthorized Access From Both Inside and Outside the Firewall

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 7, 2006--Guardium, Inc., the database security company, today introduced its Data Privacy Accelerator, the first database-centric solution for preventing identity theft, including unauthorized access by 'trusted' insiders."

Cable, cell phones, and identity theft

"One of the identity theft scams running in Mobile right now involves criminals using your name to order cell phone service and cable service."

Michigan I.D. theft continues to be a top problem

"Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox says identity theft continued to be a major consumer complaint in 2005. "

700,000 Coloradans At Risk For ID Theft

"DENVER -- More than 700,000 people may be walking around Colorado with ticking time bombs in their wallets after they chose to put their Social Security numbers on their drivers' licenses, according to state officials."

I.D. Theft Tops List

"Studies have found that most identities were stolen by coworkers, who are getting the personal information from the companies they work for."

Identity Theft - A Big Issue According to the Home Office

"The UK Government reported early this month that identity theft is costing the UK a massive UK?1.7 billion annually, equivalent to UK?35 per adult - a significant amount of money in anyone's books, representing costs associated with identity fraud such as the time and effort expended by financial institutions in dealing with the problem. "

Identity theft behind child porn rap

"On Monday, the state Attorney General's Office said investigators could find no pornography on Taylor's computer, nor any connection to the Web site. They say he was a victim of identity theft. "

State Hopes To Curb Identity Theft With Free Service

"Experts quickly point out, however, that document theft isn't the only way for your identity to be stolen. You can fall victim to scams over the phone, the Internet, from people grabbing bills from your mailbox or just looking over your shoulder when you're making a purchase at the store."

BBB and USPS warns about identity theft

"This week, the post office and Better Business Bureau are handing out information and reminders. Topping that list is to make sure you shred all pre-approved credit card offers."

Oklahoma Identity Theft Protection Act

"He's [State Senator Randy Bass] proposed the Oklahoma Identity Theft Protection Act, SB 1748. This measure would prohibit the sale of cell phone records, allow Oklahoma consumers to freeze their credit if they fall victim to identity theft and requires criminals convicted of identity theft to be locked up behind bars where they belong."

State Launches Hotline For ID Theft

"The Illinois Attorney General's office has set up an identity theft unit. Advocates speaking English, Spanish and Polish will help victims through the maze of problems that result -- everything from the filing of police reports to the questioning of fraudulent charges. "

Identity theft ring indicted

"Constance Matthews, 42, Matthew Sweeney, 41, and Sean Montgomery, 29, are facing felony charges under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. Sweeny and Matthews are in custody, but police are still looking for Montgomery."

Monday, February 06, 2006

Her ATM card, but her impostor's picture

"For years, Margaret Harrison believed she had an impostor. There were signs her Social Security number was living a double life. Four years ago, an unemployment office in West Virginia almost denied her claim, saying she already had a job at a horse farm in Chelan, Wash. Three years ago, a teller at Bank of America looked up her account number by her Social Security number and then asked, ?Is your name Pablo?? "

PCI Says N.Y. Credit Freeze Won't Cool Identity Theft Problem

"While property/casualty insurers share New York legislators' concerns about the problem of identity theft, one industry trade group believes that so-called 'credit freeze' legislation is an ineffective way to address the issue."